Cohabitation Agreements

Cohabitation Agreements in California

Cohabitation is a term generally used for living together and having an intimate relationship without marriage. Cohabitation is more common now than ever before. Because there are often no formal arrangments in place prior to a couples’ decision to cohabit, in the event of a break up financial misunderstandings and asset disputes can occur.

Ewing Mediation and Family Law will draft a cohabitation agreement either prior to the parties living together or after the parties have begun living together, to suit your circumstances and avoid misunderstandings.

Cohabitation Agreement

Benefits of a Cohabitation Agreement

When a couple has a cohabitation agreement in place, they typically avoid litigation in the event of a breakup. Such agreements specify the responsibilities of each individual regarding their residence, as well as the distribution of property/assets or debts – in the event of a breakup.

If the couple co-owns a home, the importance of a cohabitation agreement increases significantly. Being financially connected to each other. The agreements legally outlines and defines what will occur in the event of a breakup or if the couple decides to sell the house and move to a different location while remaining together.

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