Paternity Resolution

Paternity Resolution in South Bay, California
Paternity cases involve important issues regarding legal rights and duties concerning child custody and visitation, as well as child support. There is an abundance of false information in the public sphere about this issue. At Ewing Mediation and Family Law, we assist both parents in resolving paternity disputes. We are committed to establishing a relationship of trust with our clients by listening to their issues and addressing their concerns.
The initial issue to be resolved is determining paternity, i.e. whether or not the man is the biological father of the child or children. There is no presumption of paternity between unmarried parties. Establishing paternity is vital for setting custody and support arrangements. If you are involved in a paternity issue, we can assist you in safeguarding your interests and the welfare of your child.
Paternity Law in South Bay, CA

Help With Cases Filed By the State

The state requires the names of both parents before providing government assistance to a parent or guardian, so that the state may pursue reimbursement from the other parent.  The purported father should obtain a paternity test if he is concerned that there is a doubt about whether or not he is the father. An experienced family law attorney is needed in order to resolve the interests of a possible father and assure that proper information is used while determining child support, custody, and visitation.

Help With Cases Filed Privately

Private paternity actions can follow the breakup of an unmarried couple that had a
child together. Either party may request paternity testing if either or both parties question whether or not he is the father. Whether a parent is seeking child support, custody or visitation rights, the same rules apply as in divorce proceedings. Priority is given to the child or children’s best interests. As in a divorce proceeding, the court will enter a paternity judgment including provisions for visitation, child support, and custody. Retroactive child support, daycare, and medical expenses incurred in connection with the birth of the child are all decided.

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We bring more than three decades of experience in successful mediation and family law advice, a high level of skill, knowledge, compassion and resolution of issues in a way that serves your interests well. If you are facing these issues we invite you to contact Ewing Mediation and Family Law to obtain further information as to how we might help you.